About me

My name is Michael Morscher, currently 27 years old and I live in Munich, Germany. I’ve studying technical informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg,Germany. After working one and a half years in the automotive industry I decided to top up with a master degree in computer science which I’m currently doing at the university of applied sciences in munich.

Before that I completed an apprenticeship as qualified IT specialist – which was a good basis for my further development.

I developed my interest in embedded Linux this year during a new elective called “Embedded Linux” which was held by Professor Hoegl at the university of appied sciences in augsburg. I began learning everything on the ATMEL ATNGW100 as my first embedded systems board because it was used in the lecture as well. During the elective, I wrote a seminar paper about embedded linux and soon upgraded to the FriendlyARM mini2440. Performance increased and the built in display was a step forward. Now a journey to Pandaboard, Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos and the last Odroid U3 began…