Change virtual NIC in VMWare from AMD to Intel

6 Sep

As I am planing to use RTNet as the network protocol in my upcoming project, I needed my virtual machine to have a Intel NIC. As I installed an Ubuntu 12.04.1 ony my VMWare Workstation 9, I found out, that as default, even with VMWare Tools installed, the machine used the PCNET32 NIC from AMD which gave me 10Mbit…

To get rid of that you need to edit your virtual machines *.vmx file and add a new line (which wasn’t here before):
ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000e"

Maybe you need to edit the number if you have multiple virtual NICs in your machine. Also you can choose to use the “e1000” driver instead, which uses then an older version of simulated INTEL Nic.

A nice overview can be found at a VMWare Knowledgebase article