Pandaboard Kernel 3.0.2

17 Aug

Edit: There is a newer version available HERE!

In the development of my project i also need to get a fast and working kernel for the pandaboard. As I searched the web, there were several old and new infos about how – but I couldn’t find a defconfig for it. My first goal after unpacking was simply: Get it working instantly!!111

At this point, a advice would be to visit the HowTo List at elinux, where the newest (and also old) kernels and their How To’s are listed. The list is pretty decent at that point and includes a lot of patches which are still not merged into mainline kernel!

I’m currently working with 3.0.2, the latest final build available atm. For a start, I will post the default config I use atm. But beware – I’m far from testing all functions and drivers, i just checked the parts I thought would be useful. Download it to your kernel dir and rename it to .config

Download kernel config

Download kernel uImage precompiled

Download U-Boot 2011-06 precompiled

Download X-Loader 1.51 precompiled

Checked working:

  • LAN Network
  • serial console
  • USB Displaylink
  • Webcams

Last update: 29/8/2011

Next step is getting 3.0.4 and then, when available, 3.1 to work.

I will keep that file up to date as far as possible and as far as my projects develops…

Thanks to the guys over at for linking!


6 Replies to “Pandaboard Kernel 3.0.2

    • U-Boot actually does not support the embedded LAN NIC because it is used via USB. Thats the cause why you need to enable USB EHCI in linux kernel to get it recognized… Google a bit around, some guys out there have written some patches and there are already in the Uboot tree somewhere…

  1. Hi, nicely done. Could you post links to the source tarballs (or tags to git trees) of each of the 3 components?

    • Just use the ones provided in my 6-steps tutorial. They are mostly/nearly the same! I will update everything the upcoming weekend and jump to 3.1.

  2. Hi,
    could you tell me more about how did you cross-compiled kernel?
    I’m spending aloto fo tiem trying to building an Sd card for pandaboard. I did the following steps:
    1) I got u-boot and x-loader from girotious (I don’t know which version is the working one)
    2) I already have a gentoo real time kernel
    3) Which stage3 is the correct one for pandaboar?
    4) I did emerge crossdev (I’m using gentoo OS) and then I created my own cross compiler ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi
    5) I created the uImage by crosscompiling the kernel
    6) I formatted the SD card in two partitions by using dd command , fdisk command and mkfs commands. So the fitrst partition is W95 FAT32 boot , the second partition is Linux ext3 rootfs
    7I I copied on the first partition MLO (x-loader compiled), u-boot.bin(u-boot compiled) and uImage, whereas on the second partition I copied an armv7a-stage3.

    When I boot the Pandaboard, minicom tell me x-loer done, u-boot… booting the kernel…. uncompressing the kernel ….
    and nothing else happens, so it is stuck in booting the kernel…. forever…

    So where is the error?

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